Pearl Jewel – Sophisticated Jewellery Online Shop OpenCart Template

Pearl Jewel – Sophisticated Jewellery Online Shop OpenCart Template

Pearl Jewel – Sophisticated Jewellery Online Shop OpenCart Template



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Light, minimalistic and almost transparent design is a modern trend and a jewelry online store can’t ignore the fashion if he wants to become profitable. This OpenCart template combines the sophisticated look and simple structure to make the visitor feel himself in the luxury place. Calm and pastel color scheme has a light smell of vintage and it is also very popular now. The fonts are accurate and fit the general design, the photo tiles are placed on the positions that highlight the beauty of products. As in every OpenCart template, the product cards are understandably organized and can be previewed, compared and added to the shopping cart or wishlist.

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This Jewelry Store OpenCart template is Responsive

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This Beauty Advice OpenCart ecommerce template is Retina Ready

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This is a Parallax Jewelry Store OpenCart ecommerce template

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Parallax help your visitors relate with your website and gain a better client experience. It can help you to be noticeable among your competitors.

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This is a Bootstrap Fashion OpenCart design

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