Minimal Line Co – Style Online Store OpenCart Template

Minimal Line Co – Style Online Store OpenCart Template

Minimal Line Co – Style Online Store OpenCart Template



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It’s nothing really special in this OpenCart template – it just has all the tools you may need for your online fashion store. You can say the design is too simple, but the laconic and minimalistic look is the freshest trend in website building. Nothing distracts the user from observing your great products and moreover, the structure is well-thought-out and focuses users attention on the items. Shopping functionalities work perfectly; quick view, comparison tool, wishlist and shopping cart will make clients user experience pleasant and memorable. Besides that, the wishlist is sharable to the social media, so the client could not only boast his purchases but also interest his friends in your products.

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This High Fashion Store OpenCart template is Retina Ready

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Retina display screens are called so since they have this sort of resolution that the person’s eye doesn’t recognize distinct pixels within it. Therefore, the retina-ready design template is produced for such screens and that means that your web-site may appear wonderful on a Retina screen.

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Retina Ready layouts make all photographs and content look clearer, brighter, and more vivid.

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This is a Bootstrap Fashion Shop OpenCart design

What is it?

Bootstrap is a range of instruments with an open source code. It is great for creating websites and web applications with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Why is it Good?

Bootstrap can help you make responsive, mobile-first projects with no trouble.

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This is a Parallax Fashion & Beauty Store OpenCart design

What is it?

A parallax scrolling is a method in website design when background image moves at a slower rate compared to a foreground article, forming the illusion of depth.

Why is it Good?

Parallax scrolling will let you bring depth to your site look.

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This Fashion & Beauty Blog OpenCart design template is Responsive

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Responsive web design technique makes a web page’s interface adaptable to any type of screen resolution.

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Responsive webpage design helps to strengthen user experience and provide a whole access to the web page information from any device.

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