Men Fashion Store – Solid Men Clothes Online Store OpenCart Template

Men Fashion Store – Solid Men Clothes Online Store OpenCart Template

Men Fashion Store – Solid Men Clothes Online Store OpenCart Template



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The man-ish design concentrates on a solid structure, minimalism and a strict color scheme. That’s why this OpenCart template will be an elegant solution for a men clothing store – it perfectly matches all the requirements. The online shop functionality is just the same as in every web store – you can place every item on a card, sort them according to the type and separate to understandable categories. Visitors can zoom the product by just clicking on it and don’t need to go to another page. When you add a product to the shopping cart the system doesn’t drop you there but just show how many items you have chosen in the counter on the top of the page.

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This Men’s Fashion Blog OpenCart design theme is Responsive

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