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Short description: OpenCart theme is designed and developed to deliver a festive mood on your holiday gifts site. This is a well-coded and fully responsive eCommerce theme that comes loaded with a series of pages, layout elements, modules, widgets, and other solutions that are needed to get your eCommerce project up and running as quickly as possible. In addition to a usable drop-down menu, the theme includes advanced search and smart product filters that let online buyers find the needed products effortlessly.

This Holiday Gifts OpenCart theme is Retina Ready

What is it?

Retina ready idea relates to a high-resolution display screen, where pixel density can be so high, so the person’s eye can’t figure out specific pixels.

Why is it Good?

Apple gadgets were 1st to have Retina display screens, yet these days their rivals utilize that technology too. A huge number of smartphones on the market and tablets currently have Retina display screens, if you decide to would like your web site to appear ideal for any end user – you should have a Retina-ready web design.

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This Masquerade OpenCart ecommerce template is Responsive

What is it?

Responsive design means that the website page adjusts its shape and size to suit any specific screen, from the smallest smartphones to the widest Laptop displays. For any gadget, web page elements widen or scale down to seem ideal.

Why is it Good?

Smart phones drive 80percentage of worldwide web utilization. It’s fundamental to make the web property responsive if you don’t wish to reduce your viewers.

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This is a Bootstrap Gifts OpenCart design

What is it?

Bootstrap is really a super popular framework, that makes the work with Web-page coding, CSS and JS a great deal easier. It was made to be a tool to build a responsive design, however as time passes it incorporated a great deal of additional efficiency.

Why is it Good?

By making usage of Bootstrap, you may create absolutely responsive web designs using HTML and CSS based design templates for typography, print styles, forms, buttons, tables, etc.

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