Aphrodite – A React Healthcare Website Template

Aphrodite – A React Healthcare Website Template

Aphrodite – A React Healthcare Website Template



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Short description:

Aphrodite is a healthcare website template made with React JS. It features a landing page, about us page, services, appointments scheduling system for patients, a blog system and a contact us page.

The entire website is responsive and features lightning fast load times thanks to react JS and efficient, super modern CSS3 design.

This template can be customized to use a backend service and database and can scale extremely large with its stellar codebase and code design.

Aphrodite is a multi page website template

Main Features:

Uses Latest React & Node Version

Clean & Modern Interface Design

Custom CSS

Fully Responsive Layout

Responsive Navigation Menu

Form Validation

React Carousel

Font Awesome Icons

Google Font

Contact forms (with validation)

Subscribe form (with validation)

Blog system

Appointments scheduling system

Instructions on how to use this template.

To install the template for editing/viewing:

download the project folder

Open the project with your code editor

In the console, type in npm i (assuming you have installed node already)

Type in npm start and the site will open on server localhost:3000

make edits and changes will reflect in real time.

To build the site for deployment

in the code editor’s console, type in npm i

type in npx run build

This will generate a folder called “build” in the project root folder

Upload that folder to your hosting like godaddy making sure the public folder is also uploaded

To modify the template

Edit the code in the project files

To Edit the library versions, open the package.json file and edit the desired npm library versions.

Last Modified: June 7 2023

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