Fruit Gifts Store OpenCart Template

Fruit Gifts Store OpenCart Template

Fruit Gifts Store OpenCart Template



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Online shoppers will hardly pass by your ecommerce website built with this appealing Fruit Gifts Store OpenCart Template. With main focus on imagery, it looks very appetizing. Product categories are organized in three column grid, which saves on space and adds balanced look to the layout. Thanks to the wooden texture in the background the template looks modern and cozy. Clear content structure makes it easier to scan the page. Easy to use navigation menu and advanced search have been integrated for the user to find necessary products fast and easy. In a word, this fully responsive Shopify theme built with valid code will help you breathe fresh air into your ecommerce project.

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This is Holidays OpenCart design with Background video

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Video Background is another web design tendency when one uses video rather than static image for a background.

Why is it Good?

Visible data is a great deal more comprehensible and also eye-catching as opposed to text or tables. Once you shot a terrific video recording with regards to products or services – you’ll want to place it to the background. It will make the web page a great deal more eye-catching and also will provide help to astonish the possible purchaser.

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This Gifts Cards OpenCart design template is Responsive

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